The eminent student from Abuja received an Excellence Award in Health for discovering a unique weight loss method - 30 pounds/week, without chemicals, food restrictions or trainings.

In the of , something incredible happened at the European Congress of the Endocrinology Specialists. The whole audience gave a standing ovation to the speaker, for 10 minutes. The speaker was Amira Ali, a student from Abuja. She was the one who proposed the unique formula, which allows slimming in no time, without limiting the food intake.

Amira's speech at the congress

Amira proposed an excellent idea, and the science centres immediately put it into practice. The specialists from the Endocrinology Institute, the Medicine and Pharmacy University, the Research and Development in Biology and Nutrition Institute and many other specialists started to develop this preparation. It has already been created and it gave excellent results.

How will the new preparation save millions of lives and how can the citizens of Nigeria practically get this product FOR FREE - read in our article today.

Reporter: Amira, you are in Top 10 most intelligent students at Medicine universities in the world. What made you tackle the issue of excessive weight?

I don't like to speak about this publicly, the motivation was personal. A few years ago, my mother died because of hypertension, caused by excessive weight. Everything was ok until one night, when she had a stroke while sleeping and she died after agonizing. She was gone. This is how my grandmother died as well. I started to study everything related to excessive weight and losing weight. I was shocked to discover that diets, trainings, pills and liposuction - in 90% of the cases, are dangerous to health and they only make the problem worse. My mother also followed all kinds of diets in combination with aerobics for almost 5 years.

In the past 3 years, this subject got all my attention. In fact, the new treatment method for excessive weight, so popular today, appeared while I was writing my thesis. I realized I had discovered something new, but I didn't even imagine it will draw the attention of so many entities.

What kind of entities are you talking about?

As soon as my weight loss method became public, I received many offers to sell my idea. The French were the first, offering me 120.000 euro. Recently, a holding from the USA offered me 35 million USD. I changed my phone number and I don't use social networks anymore, because I am harassed each day with offers.

As far as I know, you didn't sell the formula yet?

No, I didn't. It may sound weird, but I didn't create the formula so that people abroad can make money from it. What do you think will happen if I sell the formula outside the country? They will receive a patent, they will prohibit the production of this preparation by others and the price will jump. I'm young, but I'm not stupid. This way, the Nigerian people won't get the change to heal. One of the foreign doctors told me that such a product should cost at least 3.000 dollars. Incredible! How many people in Nigeria could afford to pay 3.000 dollars for it?

This is why I immediately accepted the invitation to participate in the development of this product. I have collaborated with the best specialists from the Endocrinology Institute, the Medicine and Pharmacy University, the Research and Development in Biology and Nutrition Institute. A wonderful experience. Currently, the clinical studies have been completed and the product is available for the population.

The coordinator of the product development was Sophie Morrison - Nigerian endocrinologist, MPU academician. We asked her to tell us more about the new product and the future plans.

Reporter: What does Amira's formula consist of? Does it allow us to lose weight without diets and sport?

Amira's idea is like the GPS in a vehicle - it shows us the shortest way to lose weight. Moreover, the method is lifetime effective.

The products developped based on Amira's formula contains super antioxidants, which send a signal to a part of the brain (the cerebral amygdale) to stop depositing calories, subcutaneous fat and suppress the appetite for 'unhealthy foods'. It is called Fat Burner.

Fat Burner - a new product you should take for 7 days consecutively. A box contains 25 extracts, so that the fat burning speed increases 10 times! The product accelerates the metabolism, restores the endocrine system functions, stimulates the regeneration of the tissues and inhibits hunger. The product is 100% natural, and it actively stimulates the natural processes in the human body. Fat burning occurs as a result of fast metabolism, diets are in the past. As a result - subcutaneous fat in the problem areas will be burnt PERMANENTLY, at a rate of 50g/24 h!

Here are the results of the subjects who participated in Fat Burner testing:

The result after 28 days of administering Fat Burner

The result after 14 days of administering Fat Burner

The result after 21 days of administering Fat Burner

The result after 7 days of administering Fat Burner

Reporter: Impressive! Will your product be available in pharmacies too? By the way, how much will it cost?

As soon as they realized we created a truly effective product, the pharmacies already attacked us in all possible ways, I think you already noticed that. They proposed Amira to sell her formula. But they didn't want to produce it. On the contrary, they wanted to prevent the launch of this product on the market. Obesity treatments are the biggest component of the global pharmaceutical market. Only in the USA, the sale of such products generates profits of millions of dollars. Our product is capable of dramatically changing this situation. Who will spend money on ineffective weight loss methods, if they can buy one course of Fat Burner and PERMANENTLY forget about the excess weight?!

The pharmacies chains are partners of the pharmaceutical companies, working closely together. So, the sales volumes affect them directly. They don't want to hear about us and our medicine. Although it's the only product officially recommended by the Research and Development in Biology and Nutrition Institute in Nigeria for treating excessive weight.

Reporter: If it's not available in the pharmacies, how can we get this product?

We decided that we can act without the help of the pharmacies, if they don't want to hear from us anyway. So, we decided to distribute Fat Burner directly. With no intermediaries, such as commercial pharmacies. We considered a few options and we chose the most effective one. Those who want to get Fat Burner must participate in the draw , after which, they are contacted, they receive a free consultation and they receive the product. By the decision of the Research and Development in Biology and Nutrition Institute in Nigeria as of , anyone can participate in the draw . Almost everyone has internet nowadays. Even if they don't have a computer, they have phones with internet access.

Anyone who wishes, can participate in the draw until inclusively . This is a campaign in collaboration with the Research and Development in Biology and Nutrition Institute in Nigeria , so that everyone can find out about this medicine. We hope the news will spread very quickly and all the patients who get healed will recommend it to friends.

Reporter: How much does this product cost?

Currently, we negotiated with the Research and Development in Biology and Nutrition Institute in Nigeria to compensate almost the entire price for the buyers. More than 90%. Luckily, the specialists are aware that such a supplement should be available to everyone, not just to some people. In turn, we decided not to sell the formula abroad and not to export it, so that it is available only in Nigeria .

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